Shaffdeen Amuwo

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Professor Shaffideen Adeniyi Amuwo is a Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He retired from UIC in 2004 after serving in several academic and administrative positions including: Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences; Associate Dean for Students and Alumni Affairs; Associate Dean for Community and Governmental Affairs and Associate Dean for Urban Health and Diversity Programs. Following his “official retirement”, and as it generally happens with highly productive staff, Professor Amuwo was re- hired for over 10 years to conduct research and pursue grant funding activities until he finally left to devote more time to Nigerian affairs both in the diaspora and in Lagos State. He currently serves as the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Islamic Association in Chicago, IL member of Board of Trustees, the Light of Islam in Harvey, IL; member of the Lagos State University Governing Council and has served as a consultant and initiator for the establishment of Center for Disease Control and Prevention for Lagos State Government.

 During his tenure at UIC, he brought more young people of African descents that believed in “saving lives” and “preventing illnesses” than anyone in the history of UIC.  He is credited for bringing to UIC over $40M as a Principal Investigator/Co Principal Investigator of several research/ training grants. He is generally recognized as a “bridge builder” and as a “nation builder extraordinaire” as proven by many national awards he received in those areas. During his tenure, he considered the production of health professionals with MD, PhD, MPH, MSN as a major aspect of nation building; therefore, as his mission. To that end, he has spent a great deal of his experience and influence in USA to advancing the course of Nigerians and African Americans (for which he received commendation on the floor of US Congress). He has participated in many public health/medical missions and led efforts that provided over $40M in medical and eye glasses to several African countries including Nigeria. In fact, in three decades (1980 to 2010), only a few Africans have had the honor, privilege and God’s blessings to employ, educate, advise, counsel and support Nigerians in many medical/public health related professions and endeavors than Professor Amuwo. 

He is a pride of Lagosians. Paternally, he is a direct descendant of Royal Family of the Eletu Iwashe of Lagos and of Amuwo Odofin. Maternally, he is a grandson of Chief Sadiku Sarumi, the Ashoju Oba (king) of Lagos during the reign of Oba Adele. He had his earliest education at Zumratul Islamiyyah Elementary School & Methodist Boys’ High School, Lagos and attended several evening schools including Federal School of Science while working for the United Bank for Africa before proceeding to USA.

Professor Amuwo, with the Grace of Almighty Allah, gives great credit for much of his humility, his steadfastness, his gentle demeanor, his generosity and propensity to assist people to his aunt and his late uncle. Both of them took him under their wings following the untimely passing of his mother in Sierra Leone. In fact, their influence on him was so strong, that after they left for Britain for further studies, Professor Amuwo never swayed and still made his studies and devotion to God the cornerstone of his being. He is married for almost four decades to Linda Marie Amuwo with whom he is blessed with Shakirudeen A Amuwo, PhD, MPH; Quamdeen A Amuwo, BS; Safiat Alice-Ajike Amuwo, MD, MA, MPH; and Shewu Adeniyi Amuwo (3rd year medical student in Nigeria).