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30th Annual African Festival of the Arts

Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2019

Annually during Labor Day Weekend, the Festival grounds in Chicago’s Washington Park come alive in a simulated African village. Attendees are transported across the Diaspora with interactive engagements, vibrant drumming, museum quality and collectible artifacts, colorful and rich handwoven fabric and textile, and other program spaces and Interactive spaces include: Drum & Afro-folk Village, Children and Family, African Heritage, African Spirituality, Wellness (Health) Village, Books and Authors, Fine Art, Film and Video, Food Court, Seniors and Quilting, and the African Marketplace. 

2018 African Festival of the Arts Awards Gala


2018 African Festival of the Arts Honorees

Jesse Jackson - Grand Baba 

Jacqueline Jackson - Grand yeye


Partners in marriage and in life, the Jackson’s nearly 60 year relationship is an American success story writ large. Wed in 1962, they are the parents of five, the leaders of a national organization serving thousands (Operation PUSH), and well known
across the world to millions. Of their life together Jackie Jackson has said "I knew we would be doing great things."
Great things indeed. From their role in the 60’s civil rights movement, where Rev. Jackson served as a lieutenant to Rev. Martin Luther King, through Jackson’s two runs for President of the United States, to their joint involvement in international affairs, the couple have been a force in changing the status quo.
For her part Mrs. Jackson has visited Mideast war zones to see the effects on women and children. She has traveled to world hotspots like Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, but always relished her role as a mother. Of her children she has said, “your children are a statement."
Today, the Jackson’s continue their advocacy together promoting educational excellence and economic enterprise for African Americans. Chicago is a better place because they chose to make this their home base. With the theme of the 29th Annual
African Festival of the Arts being “love” we are pleased to honor their partnership, their advocacy and their love for all of mankind.

2018 African Festival of the Arts 

Artist of the Year

Frank Frazier

frank fraizer.png

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